Feel Balanced

A balanced life is when you are comfortable with yourself and get to know yourself deeply.

Holidays can be the right time to start listening to yourself: the Altopiano is the perfect place to discover the wellbeing of body and mind. A perfect place to meditate, relax, walk through the woods, stare into the horizon, and enjoy every peaceful moment.

To feel good is to find inner peace along with balance with nature.

Here some examples of experiences proposed by the FeelGood network:

  • - Meditation in the wood: listen to your breath that adapts to the rhythms of nature and air, for a true inner well-being.
  • - 5 Senses in the Wood: a sensory path in the middle of nature, to find the right dimension, awakening the 5 senses.
  • - Emotions on horseback: not just trot and gallop... you will discover yourself and learn how to better relate to others.

Let yourself be guided by our staff to build your FeelBalanced Holiday!

For info and reservations: info@lacaprallegra.it